5 Creative (and Chic) Wedding Centerpieces from Etsy

For all but the very simplest of wedding receptions, like those of Sex and the City’s Miranda and Steve, you will have some sort of seating arrangement for your friends and family members. Figuring out how to make the tables visually appealing is probably the most important décor choice you will make. Of course, beautiful tables start with eye catching centerpieces. Wedding theme, color palette, and the venue itself should all be taken into account before buying centerpieces. Flowers such as Lilies and Orchids the number one choice, and while they are absolutely beautiful, they definitely are not the only option.

Below are 5 creative & chic wedding centerpieces from Etsy that will make any table look just as beautiful as traditional flower arrangements.

Rustic Log & Bark Candle Holders. The great Mother Earth has a lot of decorative tricks up her sleeve, and she can help you put together an absolutely amazing centerpiece. Check out these wood candle holders, each unique in both shape and size. SapphireMountainLoft

Vintage Bottle Vase. This centerpiece is just as beautiful as its name – Josephine. 505Vintage

Chalk Board. It’s small and it’s not really a centerpiece, but with a price of only $8 I’d say it’s a fair trade. Perfect for brides on a tight budget, each centerpiece is unique as they are made of Southern Live Oak. Draw your favorite flower and voila! The Vintage Refinery

Pine Cones. It’s not about the centerpiece you choose; it’s about how you arrange it. SapphireMountainLoft

Teapot. Feathers, red plate and thin tea pots – super chic. Sealed Memories Party Decor

Don’t hold back on your imagination when you are choosing your wedding table centerpieces. Check out Etsy to get some ideas, and do not be afraid to modify designs to perfectly suit your special day. Keep in mind, anyone can throw flower arrangements on tables; it takes imagination create one-of-a-kind centerpieces that reflect your individuality.