A Wedding Photographer Who Knows How to Capture Bridal Beauty

Amazing shading, detail and colour are obvious in these high-dynamic-range wedding photographs by the world-famous Jon Mark. The level of detail acquired besides the perfect lighting makes these very attractive wedding photos the best. The beautiful photography will make any bride feel like she is in heaven and will seize the beauty and emotion of the moment. Jon Mark, a professional photographer from Canada, is a man you want to have in your wedding team. Below is one photo from his blog. You can check out his portfolio here.

2 thoughts on “A Wedding Photographer Who Knows How to Capture Bridal Beauty”

  1. Yes, wildly talented photographer. But to get everyone to look gorgeous the photographer has to make them feel that way.

    I’ve got to tell you, it’s kind of weird to be dressing in clothes you wouldn’t normally wear, have 150-200 people you know around you, and have some stranger snapping pictures of it all. It takes a great photographer to get everyone to relax enough and have a good time of it all. Clearly everyone here had a blast!

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