Beijing Moral Education Center Teaches You How to Marry the Rich

We all either have heard or know of many young women marrying strictly for money (or gold, yachts and luxury cars). Well, that is really shameless, isn’t it? Love vs. money? Let’s examine Beijing Moral Education Center’s offer. They teach classes to show Chinese women how to marry the rich. In other words, the classes are supposed to improve the dispositions of women to make them more attractive to the wealthy men. Believe it or not, the classes teach you to improve some tendencies and habits to make them a bit more appealing to tycoons. Over thirty hours (and $3,000) of classes which range from how to tell whether a guy is not telling the truth judging by his body language all the way how to apply makeup using the most flattering methods, ladies find out how to snag a rich bastard. The classes have been available since mid 2010 and have attracted almost three thousand middle class young women planning to get married.

And in case a couple plans to wed because one of them has a lot of cash, it is definitely none of my business. However this Centre smells like (well, you know what). To begin with, there is an interesting quote from the founder of the Centre, ‘We’re nurturing internal qualities & developing potential.’ This sentence is so wrong on so many levels that I find it quite impossible to believe this man was ever a human being. Nurturing a woman’s desire to trick someone to wed her does not look like an example of bringing out the best in a woman; this is so far from the truth. And if the ‘educational’ centre were really developing the potential of these women, perhaps they would be working on more specific skills, for example writing a CV. Second of all, let’s examine the faulty premise upon which the Centre is based. The point is that no one knows what all rich men like, and therefore no one can teach it. Perhaps some desire blonds in high heels and some other guys desire a lady with an interest in Russian novels. And there are those guys who want a gentle woman with a low libido. Also, some want a woman who will tie them up and spank them in private. Nonetheless, once more – getting married for money should be everyone’s own personal decision. However, not only is it stupid, it is immoral too.

It would be great to hear from someone with first hand knowledge (i.e. rich men who have married money-thirsty women) and give us a straight up and honest opinion of what this Center look like to you. And please, don’t it hold back either, let it rip.

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