Bridal Photo Shoot by Brian Cummings is about Beauty and Elegance

Bridal and wedding magazines always have a theme, and Brian Cummings was inspired by the Twenties Depression Era for his photo shoot featured in St Louis Bride Magazine’s Fall/Winter 2011 issue. The photographs give off a magical atmosphere with the purest essence of beauty & elegance. Cummings’s shoot was held at an under-reconstruction historic theater – the Miners’ Institute in Collinsville, IL. Stylist Emily Miller has done a wonderful job giving the models a sexy, vintage look.

The shoot sets the atmosphere of the most beautiful fairytale heightened by the moon and the stars in the background. The photographer was inspired by the classics films such as “Paper Moon” & “Sweet Lowdown.” The shoot inspires elegance with a lot of emotion, a touch of retro and a hint of fortitude.

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