Bridesmaids Dresses Exchange: Trade-In Any Old Dress for an LBD

The newly-introduced NewlyMaid site, owned by formalwear company Dessy Group, enables women to trade-in their old bridesmaid (and prom dresses) for credits toward several sexy styles of little black dresses available for purchase on their website. The way it works is quite simple – You ask for a prepaid envelope for your gown, follow instructions to package it up, and then send it in. It does not matter who made the gown, since the NewlyMaid accepts all gowns, as long as it does not have any broken zippers, stains, rips and anything which cannot be fixed by dry cleaning – if you package it correctly they will even dry clean it for you. Its important to say that they don not accept actual wedding dresses, quinceanera and flower girl gowns.

Should the dress be acceptable, it will be donated to the charity Clothes4Souls, or its materials will either be recycled or broken down. Most importantly, you will get discount between thirty and fifty percent on one of several available styles of LBDs on their site. But there’s a catch – their LBDs are quite simple and few seem quite pretty; however even with a full 50% discount they are all still around a hundred dollars. Nonetheless, the idea is that you are exchanging an old gown you will never wear again for the little black dress that you will; however, you will have to spend some hard earned cash in the process.

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