Google Weddings: Is the Big G Talking Over the World?

It’s no big secret that the Big G sees all, but now the Big G knows all too! Even what kind of wedding lingerie are you wearing! This would be scary if it weren’t a joke! Nonetheless, wedding planner planners (and brides-to-be) around the planet should feel relieved because Google for Weddings is here! With so many choices for halls, dresses, catering and bouquets on the market nowadays, the Google has thought of a way for brides (and other ‘stakeholders’) to keep track of virtually everything. Preset Google Docs features seating charts, guest list spreadsheets and budget planners; also Picnik, Blogger, Gmail and even Picasa are integrated to help send wedding invites and share updates and pictures after your ceremony.

Preparing for a wedding ceremony is actually a difficult challenge. Add 21st century tech into the mix and to be honest, it gets a lot more difficult. The Big G has joined the wedding planning industry and is trying to help out. Google Weddings is designed to make things less complicated by providing tools (did I mention that the whole thing is 100% free?!) to save time, stay well-organized and most importantly have a good time while planning. With the arrival of space-age tech in wedding ceremony planning, I definitely see how this tool will be of use, particularly for the inexperienced Internet users. Here is how you use this tool to assist plan the best for you.

Design a site with Google sites (this is free too, so don’t worry): You can design a site with Google sites and it is – believe it or not – quite simple. Needless to say, it will not look nearly as good as a pro designer could do — however like I explained, this seems to be pretty good for brides-to-be who do not have the money to pay the professionals to assist them. There’re detailed, step-by-step guides how to edit the site and customize it to best suit your wishes & needs.

Use Picnik to make announcements – design announcements and save them as photos on the desktop. Easily upload backgrounds, images and text. Also, it’s quite easy upgrade the membership to Picnik for extra options.

Organize the to-do’s before the I-do’s – With Google Docs you can organize all aspects of the wedding ceremony planning. Stuff such as seating chart and finances are great for Google Docs.

Use Picasa to save & share photos: Upload & create photo albums in Picasa. You’ve all heard about Picasa already and it is still around. It is the best resource for those who wish to edit or just upload images without having required experiences to use complicated programs such as Photoshop.

To sum it all up, it’s a useful tool and I recommend it.

Google for Weddings – can’t help but to wonder what will they think of next?!