Greeting Cards for Gay Weddings That Put a Smile on Your Face

The Unfortunately Cards for The Gaily is actually a collection of greeting cards from the cheeky greeting card manufacturer which does anything except sugarcoat comments for the receiver. The Unfortunately Cards is back with even more honestly brutal messages. Only this time, Cards are working together with Canadian “provocative new media source for today’s Canadian queer homogays and all other sexual and gender deviants”, named The Gaily, for a set of cards with a cutest LGBT theme.

It goes without saying, Unfortunately Cards does not hold back and continues to tell it like it is since, let’s be honest (it’s actually free), honesty is sometimes the very best policy. On the other hand, except for the straight-shooting messages, this collection is not designed to ridicule or attack the LGBT population. The truth is that it celebrates the advantages of LGBT marriages, civil union, the well-known problems of coming out and stupid stereotypes. For a card with anything-goes, Unfortunately Cards is unquestionably the very best way to go!

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