Harry Potter Wedding: Would You Incorporate Little Wizard in Your Big Day?

Everyone loves him (and that includes me). I mean, what’s NOT to like about him? He is cute, kind, thoughtful and exciting. He is Harry Potter – the cutest little wizard ever! As millions of people worldwide, I liked the films and enjoyed reading the books. So, yes, I admit that I’m a twenty-something gal who has a ‘thing’ for Harry Potter.

Aside from loving her books, die-hard fans have found many different ways to incorporate J.K. Rowling’s novels into their everyday lives. And I don’t mean t-shirts and hats. Many people are inspired by the little wizard and there are Harry Potter themed goodies virtually everywhere. There has even been a popular trend lately of Harry Potter themed weddings.

So, what do you think about theming your big day around a series of seven fantasy novels? Seems like a great idea to me. First of all, Harry Potter is fun. And weddings should be fun too. Also, he has a magic wand, which can right all wrongs. Your husband should have one too (yes, this is me being a hopeless romantic). Finally, you only get to live ONCE (unless you have other plans)!

I don’t think Harry Potter inspired nuptials are a big surprise. It sounds like a recipe for a perfect beginning. And Potter inspired nuptials that have shown up on wedding blogs have been adorable. Wedding invites that look much like a real acceptance letter from Hogwarts. A super-fun Hogwarts Express train ride to the ceremony location. A wedding hall set up like the school for wizards with the four ‘house’ tables for your dear friends and family members. The groom in Harry Potter cufflinks and a Gryffindor tie.

Right after a magical ceremony, the happy couple goes to the Forbidden Forest for a quiet moment alone (or nearly alone at least). And finding your seat has never been as fun. The sorting hat will take care of everything. There are personalized wands with the name and wedding date of the bride and groom, each with a tag telling you which house you belong in. Just keep in mind, the wand chooses the wizard! In other words, Harry Potter spirit infused throughout all parts of your big day.

So, despite the fact that there is no more new Harry Potter magic from Joanne Kathleen Rowling herself, die-hard fans seem to be having no problems incorporating the little wizard into their weddings and keeping the spirit of the Harry-magic alive. Images

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