I Do (or I Don’t) to Bridal Uggs

No, this is not a joke. Just in time for wedding season, Ugg Australia has launched its three-piece ‘I Do’ collection which includes two ankle boot styles, complete with sparkles, satin and one huge Swarovski crystal button, and a white fluffy flip-flop.

Needless to say, they lack the elegance of peep toe platform heels, but for the bride who does not want to compromise on comfort, there’s no contest. I can’t blame them because, seriously, who’s going to see your boots, i.e. flip-flops in you have a full skirt that reaches the ground?! But there’s more to it…

These babies are drawing far more criticism than praise on Twitter. Apparently, some believe that the word ‘bridal’ is slapped on it just to justify a hefty price tag.

One thing is for sure, they are a perfect choice for those who want to declare how different and original they are by wearing a pair of UGGs to their weddings.