Ideal Location for a Romantic Honeymoon: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Your honeymoon should be the perfect antidote for the pressure that usually accompanies the process of wedding planning. It’s a chance for you and your hubby to spend a lot of quality time together, sincerely enjoying each other’s company. Having planned a beautiful ceremony that reflects your uniqueness as a couple, consider making your honeymoon just as special. A honeymoon hideaway should offer you the chance to escape from the busy life and spend your very first days as newlyweds at an exotic destination.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The combination of unparalleled beauty, first-class service and small-town charm makes Playa del Carmen a great destination for a romantic honeymoon. Discovered by those white sandy beaches, gentle surf and outdoors activities, Playa del Carmen offers a host of natural wonders.

Newlyweds searching for ultimate pampering can stay in one of luxury seaside hotels. With food discretely delivered direct to your ocean view suite, you need never meet another person during your honeymoon. But if you prefer to be more active, bars get into full swing around midnight, and Avenida Quinta transforms from a quiet pedestrian way to a sizzling hot spot.