Ideas to Make Any Wedding a Uniquely Themed Spectacle

We all dream of finding that perfect someone; and these unusual wedding themes will give brides (and grooms) a sense of what to look forward to after saying: ‘I will!’ It’s true that many people like dressing up in Vampire costumes for their wedding, yet others wish to decorate their deserts with geeky cake/Xbox-toppers. These fun and unusual wedding themes will make you realize that no wedding is too weird. In case you are planning to say ‘I do’ in a Dracula’s Castle, it can be done. No place is off bounds in terms of both location and themes for your wedding. And for those who feel too constrained by the boring traditional notions of wedding ceremonies – it’s really okay to think outside the box.

Vampire Wedding

The Vampire epidemic continues on as a lot of fans turn their big day into a twilight fantasy. One fan has even put uploaded a YouTube video which suggests fifty ideas of how to turn any big day in Edward and Bella’s love story. It includes stuff such as apple ornaments, twilight-inspired cakes and dog ring bearers – instead of a werewolf. Check out this YouTube video for inspiration on how to turn the most important day of your life into a romantically scary show.

Gamer Wedding

Themed weddings are usually on the wild side. This happy couple gave their big day a touch of nerdiness, but without turning the wedding ceremony into a huge & tacky spectacle. Allison Shackelford and her husband Scott, paying homage to Nintendo, really surprised their friends and family members. The wedding cake was shaped as a Nintendo cartridge featuring matching controllers and the bride’s garter even has a tiny little Nintendo tag. I am guessing that is meant to symbolize all Scott’s favorite things in one sexy place.

Eco Friendly Wedding

There’s no such thing as eco-friendly wedding decorations! And at Eunice & Daniel James’ big day, not only were there eco-friendly decorations, they were adorable too. The bride and groom had the most romantic wedding ever with all sorts of fun props, a portable flat packed grand stage and reusable signs. So before you think it is not possible to have a truly lovely ceremony without expensive real floral arrangements, perhaps you would like to check out these super-beautiful images from the Eunice and Daniel James’ big day.

Star Wars Wedding

There are good wedding themes, there are great wedding themes and then there are Star Wars-inspired weddings! I really like this ceremony because the happy couple has managed to pull off a themed wedding without turning it in a tacky party. What’s more, even the Star Wars-inspired cake manages to pull off the cool theme without turning to tacky. Congrats to the bride and groom, who shared their wedding photographs on Flickr.

Science Fiction Wedding

The bride wore a truly wonderful gown with pale blue & green accents and the groom wore—ah—his traditional Butoh dance troupe costume which made him look like a character from the Dune series. Quite original! The wedding ceremony obviously went off without a hitch, and I am quite sure many will always remember the day these two wed. Source