Infographic Breaks It Down: The True Cost of Your Wedding

For those happy couple who think weddings are all about having a good time, the True Cost of a Wedding Infographic is like a cold shower! It’ll have you crunching the figures and facing (not so romantic) reality. It’s no big secret that wedding ceremonies put a serious strain on a couple’s budget. However the exact figures are contingent on there who, where & (let us not forget) when of the wedding. The average wedding in US comes in around $27k (but in comparison to the $48 million about spent in London, I dare to say American excesses are a bit less outrageous). That’s a lot for the most brides and grooms, however, a number that actually feels worthwhile for the happy couple. The Infographic breaks down virtually all facts on the most popular wedding months and standard bridal budgets, but also most expensive places to say your vows and offers guidelines on saving money when possible.

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