Inspirational Wedding Photography That’s Guaranteed to Impress

Besides the fantastic joy of a usual wedding dress editorial, August 2011 SingaporeBrides Spread by Zhang Jingna is enchanting and beautiful. This shoot takes an eerily ghostly approach to showcase these truly beautiful dresses. Aptly dubbed the Cold Flowers, the spread has a delicate quality which makes it less of a bridal spread and more of an eye-catching work of art. Photographed by Zhang Jingna, who’s no stranger to darkness, this spread features supermodels Nicole Volfova & Alyona B wearing beautiful bridal gowns from The Wedding Present, Dang Bridal, Amanda Lee Weddings and LaVie Bridal.

With Ash Loi’s soft locks and Dewi Mahoney’s stunning make-up, models make a serene vision in the stunning portraits. The duo presents the flowing dresses in a surreally beautiful story. However, it’s not only the supermodels or the Zhang Jingna that make this spread so great; the gowns themselves have a uniquely organic quality to them which speaks volumes and perfectly matches the gloomy nature of this spread.

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