Most Beautiful Impression Leaving Engagement Rings

So we have had a good look at all manner of unusual engagement rings from the inner message ring and cat-shaped engagement ring all the way to SpaceWed Bands, Star Wars Engagement Rings and Engagement Tongue Rings. But it does not stop there! The quest for the most beautiful engagement ring is ongoing. For those of you who are searching for that perfect piece of wedding jewelry, these impression leaving rings are sure to evoke emotions and grab attention.

Mokume Gane Engagement Rings

Sometimes history can make something that is close to perfection into something truly perfect – just check out these brilliant rings by James Binnion. He uses ancient Japanese mokume gane technique (used for forging Samurai swards) to create some of the word’s most beautiful rings. Mokume Gane

Black Silver Engagement Rings

Bit dark, unique, quite dramatic and definitely eye-catching. The Goujon Triple ring by Alex & Chloe puts a darker spin on the traditional token of love. This piece of wedding jewelry, with 3 white inverted diamonds encrusted in an oxidized sterling silver ring, is so much more cool than the diamond on silver or white gold. The Alex and Chloe’s Goujon Triple can be yours for just under $1,000. It would fit perfectly for the bride-to-be who prefers unique and extraordinary jewelry. Let’s face it – most women like beautifully cut diamonds, whatever the rest of the engagement ring may be made of. Alex and Chloe

Minimalist Engagement Rings

Show your affection with the fourteen-Karat Gold “Loved” etched ring. In case the sparkling metal is not enough to have you sold, on its flip side this piece has a couple of tiny diamonds. These rings come in sterling silver too, perfect for those brides-to-be who are not exactly into the golden look. Minimalist and cute, the “Loved” engraving will forever remind you of your prince in the shining armor. St Kilda Jewelry

Organic Engagement Rings

21st century brides-to-be have taken great steps to lead an eco-conscious, organic and all round ethical way of life, with manufacturers like Ken + Dana making a completely environmentally friendly life that much more real. They have provided a brilliant way for bride and grooms-to-be to ‘clean’ their planet with their collection of ‘green’ jewelry. Their main goal is to create engagement rings which reflect contemporary style and are manufactured in a way which is eco-friendly. Ken + Dana aim source precious stones from areas which are not torn by horrors of wars. They supplement this with small-scale mining methods which aren’t damaging to the Mother Nature, and as much as possible they use recycled metal. And as soon as you started to think that these pieces of wedding jewelry were too good to be true, their $2.5k price tag means that they’re easy on the Mother Nature, but not on your bank account. Ken + Dana

Luxurious Engagement Rings

Not quite rock-heavy enough to be voted the perfect piece of engagement jewelry, the Cartier Trinity ring (a modern interpretation of the 1924 Trinity design) with diamonds does make the most beautiful ring to proclaim the romance of tycoons and Hollywood celebs. Launched back in the mid Twenties, this iconic collection features 3 colours of eighteen-karat gold which symbolize the different stages of a relationship – yellow for fidelity, rose for love and white for friendship.