Mr and Mrs Wedding Cake Toppers for a Funky Bride and Groom

Lesley Wellington’s the Cat’s Pajamas (Etsy store) has succeeded to design the greatest ever wedding toppers. These funky Mr and Mrs toppers are beautifully coupled. With characters like bride and groom Hazel & Horton, Mr & Mrs Tetromino (designed with Tetris in mind) it’s definitely difficult not to like them. Cat’s Pajamas comes up with quite interesting stories to go alongside these cake toppers, like Hazel & Horton’s tale, “They met at a party. She was the freshest sweet roll there, with pastry that would make any Danish or Cruller go green with envy. He did not think she’d notice him. After all, Horton was just a regular run-of-the-mill cup of Joe, but something in his freshly brewed demeanor drew Hazel to him. The rest is history.” Cat’s Pajamas cake toppers are the greatest pair to set on top of any wedding cake and show just how much you love each other.