My Wedding Tradition List Is Totally Out of Control: Don’t Freak Out!

Relax girls, it’s the 21st century, and that means you can have whatever and whomever you want. Just 10 years ago, most of our wedding decisions were based on “What will others think?” or “What if my guests do not like how it turns out?” Luckily, long gone are the boring old rules about what is right and wrong for a traditional wedding ceremony & reception. In other words, long gone are the societal eyebrow raises over off white weddings and brides who decide to wear anything other than a snowy white dress. Long gone are the days when bride’s mom and dad paid the bill and made the guest list. Fairy-like weddings… gone.

“I was never that close to him, but he is a close relative… (But still an asshole)” Also long gone. Today happy couples can make their fantasy wedding come true, make their big day special, include customs from other cultures, wear a black Vera Wang dress (if she really wants to), and ride off after the reception on a bicycle instead of a high-fuel consuming Rolls Royce. The future starts right now, and the happy couples are the ones turning the wheels. It’s party time!

What’s your least favorite wedding tradition?