Out In the Open Weddings (But Outside the Box)

For those who want their wedding to be a little bit different, go outside the box! It does not have to be a local restaurant with a hall for 350 people, hotel or a chapel. It is always fun to try to find a place your friends and family members haven’t experienced. This will pave the way for your out-of-the-box ceremony & reception. Whatever you decide, make sure you request a help of an expert, because as memorable as the location is, the most unforgettable part of you wedding will be the moment you say “I do!”

Many people regard the great outdoors as the God’s canvas. And for brides and grooms who love nature it can provide a perfect backdrop and an unforgettable destination ceremony. New York, Paris and other metropolitan cities around the globe are a great place to find not only highly experienced wedding planners, but also some unique outdoor venues for weddings. If you are going for pure fun, saying: “I do” at a park lets everyone knows you are a nature lover.

Vineyards are not in abundance in metropolitan cities, but are an ideal place to make your big day a memorable experience. The vineyard can inspire your whole wedding theme too.

For a more personal and intimate ceremony consider saying your vows at home. Just keep in mind; it does not have to be your own house!