Outdoor Spring Wedding in the Middle of Fall for Modern Brides

The Luisa Bianchin Vanity Fair Italy spread is subtle and dreamlike. When the Italian traditions unite with a stylish bride, you know this ceremony isn’t what grandma expected it to be. It could very well be described as “traditional bride meets modern-day beauty.” There is wine, a five tier wedding cake, a donkey and (imagine that) a groom.

Even though wedding are sometimes all about glitz and glamour, especially in popular wedding magazines and spreads, the Luisa Bianchin spread has a little bit of a divine, dainty touch due to being shot outdoors. The dreamy, postcardesque lighting captures the romantic allure of the Hub of the Mediterranean. However this wedding is not about the bride & groom’s extravagant clothes, it is actually a small intimate ceremony.

As if depicting the most beautiful fall ceremony, this photo session is very romantic. The careless boys and girls, caring bridesmaid and fashion-conscious guests ring in Italy’s culture, while German model Luisa Bianchin upholds her glamorous appearance.

Besides the obvious sophistication combined with a rugged appeal which already makes this photo shoot one-of-a-kind, the spread has some atypical fashion too. The bridal attire includes a fashionable lace dress, a ruffled dress in tulle and another in urbane silk. The “unusual” teaming of a beige nude wedding dress with a white veil paves way for an interesting new trend. The hair is inspired by Sixties and complemented with au natural makeup.

From traditional-style dresses all the way to retro make-up & hairstyles, the spread is full of surprises from the start all the way to the end. Needles to say, a wedding should not take on a cookie cutter aesthetic. As a matter of fact, it should be filled with the personalities of the happy couple, much like this photoshoot is. Now those who cannot say “spiritually elevated” and “modern ceremony” in the same sentence, go eat some cake, because you couldn’t be more wrong!

Check it out here.

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