Pinterest Wedding Boards: A Modern Day Grandma’s Tin Box

Wedding bloggers, Etsy designers and professional planners are all taking advantage of the Pinterest. Brides-to-be are also already there and I don’t see why they shouldn’t be. Like it or not, we are all submerged in a market where once it hits the net, we can instantly share it with our online friends. There are a lot of choices to be made during the wedding planning process and “The Big P” can help you share the experience with other Pinterest-ers that matter most to you. After all, weddings have always been all about word-of-mouth, way before social media.

Long gone are the good old days when we used to cut out magazine clippings, catalog tear-outs and drawings to show our girlfriends (or a sales person) what you want to buy. But don’t be surprised if Pinterest reminds you of your grandma’s tin cake box full of magazine clips you used to keep when you were 12 (good old pre-Facebook times). This virtual pinboard is almost as much fun as the old-time tin box. Don’t you think so?

I joined about 15 days ago, and post about 5 times a day (pretty scary, huh, ladies?) Are you by any chance interested in joining Pinterest? In the comments below, tell me how you would use Pinterest and I will invite you (yeah, you need an invitation to join).