Planning a Wedding? Don’t Forget the Corsage

The earliest corsages were worn at Greek weddings. The ancient Greeks carried bouquets of flowers not only for adornment, but also for their mystical fragrance and symbolism. Back then many believed that a fragrance was strong enough to ward off evil. And, let’s face it, no bride and groom want evil and misfortune to lurk into their marriage. Also, the bride carried a bouquet, often with ivy accents as a symbol of the everlasting love for her sweetheart. The groom wore a corsage, and friends and family members were given smaller flower ornaments as party favors.


‘Corsage’ actually comes from a French word for ‘bodice,’ or ‘bouquet de corsage,’ meaning a bouquet of the bodice. Women used to wear a small bouquet of flowers in the center of their bodice. By then, the corsage has evolved into its modern form.

Today, corsages are made of not only flowers, but synthetic materials, silk, paper and even peacock feathers disguised as flowers.