Refreshingly Different Summertime Drinks for Your Outdoor Wedding

I was trying to write this post and sat staring at my laptop for who knows how long. In other words, it’s Heat vs. Inspiration in the Finals! It’s gonna be one hell of a battle, so I head to Pinterest to loosen up my brain and help get creative juices flowing!

Regardless of what you have experienced in the past with shakers that leak and sticky ingredients, the road to ice cold DIY wedding cocktails does not have to be a complicated and messy one. Refreshingly simple cocktails are prepared and served without resorting to double strainer, swizzle spoon and ice sourced from a 10,000-year-old Alaskan glacier; a perfect respite from a day of sexy summer fun!

So, let’s deal with the heat that summer brings. Enjoy!

Spiked Egg Nog (get your recipe here)

Source: via Tara on Pinterest

Peach Schnapps Slush (get your recipe here)

Blood Orange Margarita (get your recipe here)

Bourbon Blood Orange Ginger Fizz (get your recipe here)

Cocktails by Kaelah Bee (get your recipe here)

Lillet of the Valley (get your recipe here)

Popsicle Cocktails (get your recipe here)

Source: via Thelma on Pinterest

Orange Dreamsicle, Coconut Mojito & Key Lime Martini (get your recipe here)

What are your tips to make a wedding cocktail reception memorable?

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  1. Those Peach Schnapps Slush are so mouth-watering. These drinks are indeed perfect for couples.

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