Replica Wedding Dresses: Yes or No

Your big day is special and so should be your wedding dress. As a matter of fact, it’s what’s in each and every photo and each and every memory in your guests’ minds. So, naturally, you’ll want something special that perfectly suits you. The question is: Exactly how does a bride make sure her gown does not stand out for all the oh-so-wrong reasons?

Today I talk about replica wedding dresses.

A couple of months before an important wedding, for example that of a Duke of Cambridge, designers in your local main street order tones of the very same fabric in a far less expensive, synthetic combination. You’re probably asking yourself: But why? The reason is simple, many of today’s brides buy stuff just to impress people and sporting a replica Kate Middleton at a much lower price is an instant attention grabber. On the other hand, before you opt for a celeb dress, ask yourself a question: Are you sure you want your guests to remember you as the bride who wore another Royal Wedding copy, or looked amazing on your own? You’ll most likely find some celeb designs that you like. However instead of copying it exactly, take notes on the details you really like and consult your designer on how exactly to include those elements into a stunning design that belongs only to you.