Spiderman Inspired Save the Date Cards for Weddings

Maybe it is the Spidey reboot that has got unmarried women all excited – however one particular fan is already celebrating him with his very own Spiderman save the date card. It goes without saying – this card is for his big day. However it is still really great to see the hype train for Webhead already in full motion. The card is in actuality a recreation of Amazing Spider-Man #131’s cover, originally drawn by Gil Kane and inked by Frank Giacola. The Redditor jwc1138 (who wants to remain anonymous) using his amazing drawing skills beautifully integrated his wife-to-be and himself into the cover in place of Dr. Octopus & Aunt May.

Short of wearing a Spiderman costume to the aisle, I believe it is the ultimate display of neardness from a comic book fan. However there’s more to this story. A month ago, jwc1138 found himself in the middle of a “soap opera.” His fan art was already up on Reddit, but his wife-to-be was not the person who shared it, as the post explains. In the desire to resolve this awkward situation, he warned the Internet and as evidence, shared how the card was designed. He looked for the original art of the cover and had it scanned.

What’s more, as further evidence jwc1138 shared the image below, showing how he drew in his wife-to-be himself and his groomsmen too, avenging his big loss. Naturally, he left Spiderman in the save-the-date card. I would not mind having Spidey interrupt my big day either. Would you? p.s. I only wish their big day is much more romantic than the one that takes place in the comic book.

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