Steampunk Wedding Theme for Saucy Brides

As you will see in the YouTube video, a year of detailed preparations before the Martine and Jim’s big day weren’t wasted. The Steampunk Wedding 20-10-2010 invitation took over two months of spare time to create. For those of you who don’t know, steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, sci-fi, fantasy and alternate history, which came into prominence during the Eighties and early Nineties.

Wooden flash drives were engraved and next steampunked with a brass chain and small watch parts, next distressed name tags were attached & designed, put into pouches and tied with a cute little ribbon in the wedding colours. On the flash drive were 9 pages of interlinked PDF’s filled with quite interesting details, conspiracy along with the info about steampunk and the ceremony. The couple wished all of their friends and family members to not just participate in dressing steampunk – they were dedicated in attempting to suspend their guest’s ‘reality’ on the big day (which was by the way a Wednesday afternoon in mid October) and transport them to a steampunk world in the middle of UK’s Capital. All of the friends and family members dressed to excess and it was a truly brilliant sight on the day. Believe it or not, another wedding party, who were having their ceremony at Pembroke Lodge (Richmond Park, London) too, gathered around this event to take pictures. Even passersby thought that someone was filming a movie.

The “Replendant Reception” was held at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum, which was transformed using pro ambiance lighting, Kentia palms & Victorian themed flowers, organza & ribbon, music from steampunk soundtracks, actors in Victorian disguises – such as a fire act named the Big Gray – all to entertain & amuse friends and family members on their arrival. What’s more, they had a huge steam engine in the world up & running, besides few other steam engines in the Main Hall. After all, steampunk involves a setting where steam power is widely used. The joy of the silent steam engine motioned and at the same time everyone enjoyed a feast of guinea fowl, followed by a slice of the tasty chocolate steampunk wedding cake, created a one-of-a-kind ambiance.

The groom made a dozen working steampunk decorations/lamps and each and every table was named according to its lamp’s theme & design, for example the Teslatic Teleportal Transmuter Coil, the Photonglobe Illuminator and the Luminous Teleglow Projector table. Bride and groom planned the entire ceremony to be not just memorable and chic – they wanted it to be surreal in its all consuming steampunkedness. Martine and Jim completely loved and relished the ceremony, although they claim, it all happened way too quickly to take it all in. And the couple’s one and only regret was not having more time to experience it!

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  1. You can’t believe how inspiring these hats are for a fellow designer. The colors and proportions get the creative juices flowing . . .

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