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Here at Sour Cherry, we really love working with some of the brightest and most creative photographers. We love unique and creative bridal shots, real weddings, engagement and anniversary shoots.

Why we love doing this? The truth is that we strongly believe that the diversity within our team is an indisputable source of inspiration and a huge bonus to all of our visitors.

Join Our Collaborative Photographers Team

We would love to build our network of Collaborative Photographers we work with, and we believe this is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the prestige associated with having your photos published on Sour Cherry.


Over a period of 12 months, Sour Cherry community will score, share and comment on your photos. These scores, shares and comments will help us decide who should become the next Sour Cherry Photographer of the Year!

If would like to submit your wedding to us and/or for any other questions, please email us at sour_cherry @

Stylistic Guidelines

  • All photos must be 600 pixels wide
  • No borders or watermarks

By submitting these photos you certify that the photos submitted are entirely your own work and/or that you posses all of the rights associated with the distribution of these photos.

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