The A-B-C’s of Wedding Dress Cleavage

God was generous when he was giving you many sexy qualities, so as summer is upon us, you have to be very careful about choosing your wedding dress.

Kaviar Gauche G-String Wedding Dress

Well, first off, it’s a delicate balance. Don’t wear a dress that is too obviously foxy. In other words, you have to frame your wedding photos for your grandpa! I’m all for red carpet Hollywood glam looks and pinup, but this is definitely not the moment to exercise your Slutwalk principles. Too much cleavage, too short and too tight may look inappropriate and tacky.

How much cleavage is too much for a wedding dress? Is there an appropriate cleavage and an inappropriate cleavage? I’m dying to hear your thoughts on this one.

1 thought on “The A-B-C’s of Wedding Dress Cleavage”

  1. Wow…I’m fine with the cleavage on that g-string wedding dress. It’s other parts I’m worried about. Phew. Seriously, it’s a tough subject. With tape to hold material in place, there’s no danger of it gapping, exposing more than intended. On the other hand, there are those offended by even the thought of accidentally seeing unmentionables. Seems it may come down to culture–some “tolerate” more exposure than others.

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