Tiny Rainbow Wedding Cake That Looks Beautiful and Tastes Great

Not so long ago baker Jessic Hlavac has baked what happens to be the world’s smallest rainbow cake. She baked it in celebration of NY becoming the largest state in the USA to allow same-sex marriage. Jessica is already famous for preparing some of the world’s tiniest dishes & snacks. You will never guess the size of its serving ‘dish.’ It’s no more than a couple of inches tall and only a bit larger in width than an American quarter. Despite of its tasty appearance, I’m actually a little bit skeptical as to how many friends and family members at a wedding reception could get a slice. However, although this super-cute wedding cake is very small, it has the most beautiful colours and detailed white icing flowers. Pictured on its own, it seems to be of average size due to the skillfully carved flowers which cover one side.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Rainbow Wedding Cake That Looks Beautiful and Tastes Great”

  1. Wow! This is amazing! But it would be very hard not to eat this up in two bites, which would be a shame because it probably took hours to create! It would need a proper amount of time for admiration! hehe 🙂

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