Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas: Candles and Rustic Branches

I guess it would make more sense just to toss flowers on tables, as out-of-the-box centerpieces can be kind of tricky (especially if you are a more traditional bride). But if you see yourself in a more contemporary role, you might want to consider some alternatives to flower arrangements. Perhaps candles and branches sound okay?


Candles can be the best alternative to flowers for wedding reception tables. The soft lighting will add not only warmth, but a touch of romance to any venue too. Go for an impressive candle centerpiece if you’re planning an evening reception because the candlelight will add to your venue’s atmosphere.

And now my favorite – gel candles – they come in a really wide variety of different shapes, colors and sizes. And the best part is that you can organize them anyway you like, place shorter ones right next to taller candles in order to add to visual interest and to lead the eye around the table a bit more. Do not use scented candles because they can overpower the venue (also, some people have problems with scented products).

Rustic Branches

Keep in mind that not every reception calls for flower arrangements at every table. What’s more, at many wedding receptions, a floral centerpiece is out of place. If you’re having an outdoor reception or a reception with a rustic theme, go for branches instead of flower centerpieces. You can place branches in a vase; use branches of different lengths and shapes in order to make them stand out. You can also hang smokeless candles from the branches or even place twinkling lights on them to add gentle light.

What is your perfect unique wedding centerpiece?

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  1. I completely agree with you about the flower arrangements. Many people really go overboard with them. One thing that really bugs me is when I can’t see the person across the table from me because of the centerpiece. That’s why I prefer eiffel tower vases for vase arrangements. That is also why I love your idea with the rustic branches. It gives you a full centerpiece, yet you can see across the table.

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