Useful Wedding Gift That Won’t Be Returned

Although many happy couples throw margarita & martini glasses on the registry, they still think that they are useless. Sad but true, newlyweds don’t have the time to use them. What’s more, it usually ends up in the attic (if not broken) next to all other useless wedding gifts.

So, here’s an idea – it’s a super cute little something to give with your next gift. It’s actually a gift that will never be returned, because it’s infinitely more useful. Both the bride and groom will like it.

Etsy Shop You Name It Jewelry finds vintage forks, then stamps them with appropriate little sayings such as “I do” and “Me too” or “Mr.” and “Mrs.” or “His” and “Hers.”

Wouldn’t be fun to pull out special dessert forks as a regular reminder of the wedding? Since two forks will cost you around $20, you could give a registry gift (crystal double old-fashioned glasses, maybe?!). Or you could simply write a check and include a pair of forks as a little something extra. How cool are these ‘newlywed’ forks?