Vintage Bridal Hair Accessories by Erica Elizabeth Koesler

Don’t you hate it when people say ‘I cannot stand the fashion from that era’ or ‘what the hell were they thinking when they designed that?’ Luckily, there’s also another saying that you often hear: ‘History repeats itself.’ The same is true for bridal fashion.

I am always excited when old trends make their way back into our lives. Although I’m a huge fan of simple hairpieces I also have rather a penchant for vintage caps and lace fascinators. So, recently I’ve discovered an awesome Etsy bridal fashion designer named Erica Elizabeth Koesler.

Her designs of luxurious hair accessories managed to infuse influences from old Hollywood movies to street fashion, with an element of Art Deco in between, and still looking unique. That’s quite a challenge for even the most talented designer if you ask me. She has 25 years of experience designing wedding accessories, so it is no wonder her designs are incredible.

Would you consider wearing a vintage bridal cap/fascinator on your wedding? Or would you rather go with something ‘more current?’

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