Warm Wishes for Your Ice Hotel Wedding

The Ice Hotel is a wonderful destination in Sweden that just keeps getting hotter, i.e. cooler! There’s actually no better place to have your wedding than the ice chapel. Its surreal lodgings, from the forty guest rooms, to the sexy bar, and even the chapel, are constructed from around forty thousand tons of ice & snow, and carved with attention to detail. Right after the ceremony in the small churches, your friends and family members will hit the ice bar for the reception.

Over there everything is made from ice, from the glasses all the way to ice-cold chairs. Just be careful – you have to really take care of your lips & tongues don’t get stuck when drinking chilled-to-perfection whiskey from ice shot-glasses! The IceHotel is situated in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, only two hundred kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, and (in case you have been wondering) the hotel’s ice is from the Torne River.