Wedding Cookie Recipe Perfect for Blushing Brides

These Wedding Shower Lingerie Cookies are a perfect proof that girls have much more fun than the guys when preparing for a wedding ceremony & reception. These sexy cookies (sexy cookies? seems like everything is possible these days), baked to be eaten (or looked) at a bridal shower party, are the very best thing for any blushing bride. These cookies are made using a sugar cookie base, royal icing recipe and personal decorating guidelines from the creator of the Glorious Treats food blog. As you can see, the shapes of the cookie are cutouts of corsets and miniature hearts. The designs match beautifully as does the color palette of girly pinks. One thing is for sure, these sensual newlywed nibbles is bound to satisfy any bride (and her girls) looking to indulge in super-tasty food along with their stylishness. Source

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