Why Should You Wear a Wedding Veil (Even if Don’t Want To)

As my fellow-bloggers know, I’m an anti-veil bride. To me, a veil just seemed like a bunch of fabric that would junk up my wedding day look.

But here’s why you should give a veil a chance:

1. It doesn’t have to be traditional. On your wedding days it is tradition to wear a veil to complete your overall look. But it certainly does not have to be traditional. When choosing a veil for your big day you will find that there are tones of modern styles to choose from.

2. You can always take it off.

3. It doesn’t have to match the dress perfectly. You should start with the dress and than from there you pick your headpiece. Of course, the veil must complement the dress.

4. Not all husbands are created equal (I meant to say veils). Although the length of the veil is an important part of the overall look, you don’t need a 5ft long one (unless you want to). There are smaller, more stylish models.

5. Some gowns were designed to be worn with a veil – I’m not kidding.

And what’s your big plan?

2 thoughts on “Why Should You Wear a Wedding Veil (Even if Don’t Want To)”

  1. I think brides are really loving the new poufs and cages because they don’t have to be dragged around or changed come reception time. Netting too is replacing the traditional tulle veil with some brides . . .

  2. However, it makes you wonder when they kissed the floor first upon
    landing. Cathedral wedding veils are very long and they stay in your hair like a traditional
    veil, but they extend to the floor like a train behind you.
    The first tier measures 30 inches, and the second tier measures 35 inches.

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