Windsor Rose China Bridal 2012 Collection by Claire Pettibone

Mesmerizing fall nights and beautifully sunny days are the essence of Claire Pettibone Fall 2012 collection. This is what I imagine fall romance to be. Claire Pettibone draws inspiration from bohemian 1920’s style to create her wedding dress collection.

The Windsor Rose China Bridal Collection of vintage inspired wedding dresses is everything that a fall bride wants for her big day.

“My grandmother was quite the 1920’s bohemian…her first husband was a rum-runner during prohibition, and was mysteriously killed in a “motorcycle” accident. She never talked about him, and I was a grown woman when my mom shared the scandal that my grandpa (her father) was not grandma’s first love. I’ve been thinking about Anna Mae, and looking at the photos of her second wedding that we all thought was her first. She wore a beautiful mauve scalloped silk dress with a velvet sash at the hip, round spectacles and stylish Mary Jane’s. Grandma has long passed, but I have her wedding dress, the intricate embroidered linens she made by hand, her gold rimmed china with delicate painted roses…and a good dose of her free spirit.

The sweet and simple details of our heirlooms: lace linens, golden lockets, fine china, don’t they make lovely inspiration for a wedding dress?”

Images © Claire Pettibone