Maria Francesca Paternò Unveils 2012 Bridal and Couture Line

Italian fashion designers are already giving us loads of fabulous non-traditional wedding dress inspiration. Famous high-fashion designer from Italy Maria Francesca Paternò is a go-to for high-end bridal gowns, so let’s have a peek at her latest collection.

She launched her new bridal and haute couture line for 2012, called Ouverture. Maria, who sees herself as a “fashion engineer,” likes to combine many different styles. One-shoulder necklines seem reminiscent of the Ancient Greece and so are the skirts, long, airy and not constrictive, reflecting a woman’s desire for freedom of expression. Lace and satin meet in a perfect combination of tradition and glamorous romance. The cut is flattering and soft.

Maria’s cocktail dresses are more playful and use a bolder palette of vivid, vibrant colors. Each and every dress is handmade with the highest quality materials and well proven sewing techniques.

Which of these bridal gowns is your favorite? And what about getting her haute couture dresses for your bridesmaids?