Uniquely Shaped Engagement Rings

The Rakuten’s cat-shaped engagement ring is definitely one of the most interesting pieces of wedding jewelry I have seen in my life. Cat lovers will now celebrate the love of their future hubby or wifey and adorable cat in one uniquely shaped engagement ring. Although it is not easy to put a cat into a wedding, this piece of jewelry is the very best solution. They can be found in silver and gold, and have a cat’s nose & eyes on the top part of the band, and also a tiny crown and even a set of carved out ears. This ring makes for a unique and fun design, and the cat shaped wedding ring is certainly a stray away from dull tradition.

6 thoughts on “Uniquely Shaped Engagement Rings”

  1. Not that i’m getting married, but the rings are just adorable !! Would love to own one anyway, even thought I don’t see my self marrying anyone soon 😀


  2. Any idea where to purchase these? All I can find is a website in Japanese, and another overseas wholesaler. The rings are so cute!

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