Marquee Hire Choice Should Complement Wedding Theme

Unforgettable weddings begin by choosing a unifying theme, before selecting the marquee hire company or wedding planner. Choosing the right theme will streamline the planning process, limiting the millions of choices to mere thousands. Establishing a theme and budget will suggest suitable venues, decorations, flowers, and many other particulars. Themes provide an intimate glimpse into the special bond brides and grooms share. Personal connections, favourite activities, or duplicating the circumstances where the bride and groom first met make excellent wedding themes.

Colour alone makes stunning decorating themes, especially when the colours suggest the season. Outdoor weddings always run the risk of rain in England, but the proper marquee hire can guarantee a successful wedding under all but the most severe conditions. Wedding planners should always include wedding insurance to protect the event and substantial investment even modest weddings cost. Choosing a simple theme that uses natural features will not only save money, but also touch the hearts of a greater number of guests. The time of year also makes a big difference, so planners can use natural enhancements for inexpensive themes that create poignant ceremonies.

  • Spring Wedding Themes

Spring themes suggest rebirth, youthful romance, and beautiful pastel colours. Magnolia trees do not need blossoms to create a stunning look. The bright green, waxy leaves of the tree can create stunning designs to decorate any marquee hire with flair. Floral arrangements cost less when bought in season, and spring produces the widest variety of flowers.

The weather might stay a bit nippy for beach-themed weddings, but a lakeside wedding could offer a brilliant alternative, incorporating the beauty of spring growth. Vegetarians could choose spring vegetables for creative alternatives to traditional wedding foods, serving fresh baby vegetables and decorating with flowers and fresh veggie flora. Suitable colours include white, pink, periwinkle, sage, green, lavender, yellow, and light blue. Cherry blossom weddings make memorable weddings that will magically connect each year with the brief period when cherry blossoms bloom.

  • Summer Wedding Themes

Summer weddings remain the most popular, and many couples choose outdoor ceremonies. Planners should confirm marquee hire early to ensure availability, because wedding cakes and receptions will need protection from direct sunlight or inclement weather. Daisies and sunflowers make fabulous summer nuptial themes. Cover the entire wedding cake with handmade daisy confections for a spectacular presentation. Elegant roses also bring style and beauty to summer weddings. Lovers of classic style might consider a Victorian theme, with old-world charm and a garden wedding venue. Beach or tropical themes bring the natural colours of sea, sand and sky. Summer colours include teal, blue, gold, yellow, and mint green.

  • Autumn and Winter Wedding Themes

Harvest themes create wonderful opportunities for inexpensive decorations. Colourful leaves, gourds, hay, and cornucopiae make brilliant table decorations and centrepieces. The apple harvest makes a dramatic statement for couples that share a commitment to the earth and ecology. Halloween weddings offer many opportunities for eclectic decorations that might rank among the most creative ceremonies the guests will ever attend. Consider marquee hire that furnishes multiple tents that showcase the richness of the autumn harvest. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, create a variety of home-made pies using the fruits of the season. Winter offers the opportunity for the glories of ice and snow. Ice sculpture might be a bit expensive, but ice moulds can create stunning arrangements. Consider a Christmas theme with pink Christmas lights as decorations for a creative twist.