A Really Ugly Wedding Gown

There’s an old saying that a young women glows on her special true. Nonetheless, the creator of this saying did not know how literal this could be until the arrival of this really ugly, but fun wedding gown. This quite unusual gown has built-in LED lighting, movable parts, and tones of secondhand fabrics. In case sophisticated and beautiful is your thing then this is definitely not the right dress.

On the other hand, any gown as crazy as this one will most likely be discussed for months and even years. It seems like something NOONE would get married in. A Maryland Institute College of Art student (obviously not a very talented student), Mathew Reading created this gown for the Wash & Wear Electronics course. Ugly is the very best word for it. This wedding gown is made out of white reclaimed cotton and has sensors that respond to temperature & light, a simple bodice and a fuller lace skirt.