BEFORE You Shop for Your Wedding Dress Consider These Must-Dos

Perhaps the very first thing most brides-to-be want to do once they are engaged is look for that perfect dress. Can’t blame them! Trying on oh-so-adorable wedding dresses is certainly not like your everyday shopping trip.

It’s one thing to shop for a little black dress. It’s another matter, however, when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress. As you know your wedding is one of the most important moments of every woman’s life and it puts your wedding dress right in the spotlight. While this may sound stressful, it can also be the perfect motivator. If you manage to get everything done, you will enjoy your wedding photos for many years to come.

So, what should a bride do? Here are some invaluable advices based on my mistakes and experience.

  • The first thing bridal salon manager asked me when I walked in was, “Where will the wedding reception be held?” Then she gave me the look, a look that asked a second question, “Have you at least set the date?” If you are planning to rent a dress, you have to reserve it for a specific date, as almost every dress needs to be fitted to perfectly fit your body. And if you are planning to buy a dress, it still needs to be fitted for your body, and that takes time.
  • Bridal beauty often comes with a price tag attached to it, so set your budget first. While it’s okay to choose a cheap dress, keep in mind that there’s a good reason why some dresses cost so much! In other words, there’s a huge difference between $300 and $3000 gowns. I’m sorry if I am not being politically correct, but I don’t want to give you the wrong impression.
  • Are you superstitious? I’m certainly not. I went shopping for my wedding dress with my fiancé, as he is definitely my most honest critic (and my biggest fan). And that is exactly what you need, a trusted critic. You can bring your mom or your mother-in-law or your sister, as long as you trust them.

And what are your biggest dos and don’ts?