Bridal Bouquets Have Never Been So Beautiful

The happy bride is about to throw her bouquet… How does this sound to you? The stylish bride walking down the aisle in her stunning gown is definitely one of the greatest moments of the entire ceremony – okay, except for the kiss, but “Il ciascuno il suo.” On the other hand, her gown isn’t the only part of the bridal attire. There are the hair accessories, jewelry, and the bouquet which should match bride’s happy portrait. The beauty of a floral arrangement is a mix of its scent and image. Elegance and Simplicity’s customized bouquets could eliminate the need for scent entirely. These beautifully composed bouquets add the perfect touch to that happy bride’s big day.

2 thoughts on “Bridal Bouquets Have Never Been So Beautiful”

  1. That deep rich red one is gorgeous~! I really love flowers, whether for weddings or even just the house, they really add a touch of beauty.


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