Choosing a Wedding Reception Hall: Things to Consider

Once you are out there checking out wedding reception halls, be sure to check the following.

Source: via Mauri on Pinterest


Generally, a sale manager will tell you about these because they think these changes will entice you to book the hall. On the other hand, halls could be upgrading – or in other words ruining – something you really like. Ask whether they are replacing the beautiful red carpet you are hoping to take photographs in front of, or whether there’re plans to add paintings to the minimalist hall to which you are planning to add your very own unique touch. And whatever date the salesperson tells you that all renovations will be done, add half a year. If your big day falls within that period, it’s a good idea to look somewhere else. There can (and will) be evidence of unfinished work at your big day.


Although it is always a real bonus to have a sunny day for a wedding, the reality says otherwise. And venues that are absolutely beautiful in the sunshine may look ugly in the rain. Are there indoor spaces for snapping pictures when the great outdoors are not so fabulous? Rain before your big day could make the grounds muddy. Even if you are lucky enough to get a precipitation free day this is no fun for the bride and ladies in pumps.


Not a deal-breaker unless you can hear the other event in your space or your dear guests will have to share WC with corporate seminar attendees.

Plug In

Reception halls usually place power sockets in spots where it is logical for the band to set up. In case you were hoping they would play from a different part of the hall, you will have to find out where they can plug-in and exactly how long the extension cords have to be and where will they be placed (guests don’t like tripping over them, regardless of how drunk they get).

Lights, please!

Not too bright and not too dark. A dimmer is always a good thing.

Dancing on chairs (and tables)

So, this is not only a problem if you plan on being hoisted in chairs (or tables) during the reception. Smoke goes up and you can breathe easy.

Wait here a sec!

There’re always early risers who show up before the start time you put on your invites. As you guess, they are placed in a waiting room before the ‘party’ starts.