Engagement Ring Presentation and Protection

Usually a jewelry box is a cute square container for stashing valuables and it is usually decorated and has few sections. But the Lady Killer Vol. 1 is not simply a fancy jewelry box – it actually represents the future of engagements. Either that or it’ll serve as a source of endless inspiration for proposals. The Lady Killer Vol. 1 has the privilege of not only safeguarding, but presenting the engagement ring too. In other words, its function is protection and presentation of the engagement ring – presenter and a protector in one cool package!

It has a boxy form which houses jewelry and is adorned with beautifully crafted decoration. What’s more, it has lower & upper compartments too. It has been developed as a perfect collaboration between the artisans, designers, engineers, experienced artisans and jewelers of Laikingland and Atelier Ted Noten.

A mighty looking mini robot created with the help of the innovative three-dimensional printing technologies sits inside a robust see-though box with perfectly polished finish. Placed within a transparent box, it protects the Lady Killer ring – and this ring was especially created for it. The Lady Killer ring is quite interesting itself since it resembles a miniature gold pistol.

For him the robot could rest there safely. However, one day he will decide that it is the right time to open the lid, for her. A simple push of the button and the custom-made mechanism brings the mini robot into life. It rises slowly so it doesn’t scare her, rotates a second arm and turns towards her. In full view, the ring is spun around one way and then the other, in front of potential bride-to-be’s eyes. Next, it extends, presenting her the 22 carat yellow gold engagement ring. What do you thing – will she take it?