Samuel Cirnansck Bridal 2011 Collection: Freakish Wedding Dresses

The Samuel Cirnansck Bridal 2011 collection has truly shook-up the bridal world. Having in mind the fact that a lot of young women are still fascinated with the glamorous Royal Wedding and a stunning Kate Middleton gown, I believe this is exactly what the style-doctor prescribed. A provocative show filled with S and M fetishism, the supermodels walking down catwalk were provocatively dressed, bringing to mind Rihanna’s video for her “S and M” single. Unprecedented, it’s great to see how this unashamed display of eroticism contrasts with the rather classic wedding dresses. As you can see, this designer does throw in some black and white and black and purple gowns into the collection that are a great alternative to classic dresses.