Spice-Up a Wedding Dress with Tanishq Bridal Jewelry Collection

There’s something magically appealing about the Bridal Prelude jewelry collection by Tanishq. It certanly has very a lot to do with the most beautiful array of shiny bracelets, necklaces and other jeweled accessories (and let us not forget the beautifully glamorous model wearing them). Showcasing Wedding Jewelry Collection by Tanishq, it’s a brilliant display of modern tastes & cultural traditions. Shot by Sharon Nayak, a well-known Bangalore City-based photographer, the ad campaign focuses mostly on the bride as she gets ready for the most important day in her life. With tons of close-up shots, vivid colors and perfect lighting, the ad campaign is exotic and very creative. I just love the fact that it is not evident straight away that the campaign is advertising jewelry. Instead, it displays these truly wonderful bridal accessories in a bigger story, which makes them so much more meaningful.

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