Winter Weddings

Traditionally, many people would aim to set a date for their wedding when warm weather was almost guaranteed, and bright sunny skies were more than likely. However, these days, more and more couples are opting for a winter wedding. Even for those who live in a country where the weather is generally good all year round, there could be some advantages to getting married during the cooler months, or even venturing abroad. Here are just a few reasons why winter weddings are becoming more popular than ever before.

Wedding companies are now tend to better cater for winter brides and wedding parties than they have done in the past. You only need to Google winter bride while checking your email or playing online CheekyBingo to see a huge selection of dresses which are suitable for the cooler weather. When you think about it, wearing a heavy layered dress on a hot summer’s day is never going to be comfortable, and can lead to everyone looking rather flushed in all your wedding photographs. Nowadays, it’s also much easier to find winter bouquets and flower arrangements which are not only available throughout the year, but will compliment your overall theme better than bright summer blooms might.

Winter weather can also lead to some of the more stylish weddings around. Snow, in particular, can look easily as stunning as a beautiful beach when it comes to finding the perfect backdrop to your big day. In addition, it will get darker much early in the afternoon/evening during winter, so you’ll really be able to make the most of candles and fairylights within your chosen décor. If you want to create a cosy, classy and romantic setting for your dream wedding, then picking a winter date could well be the answer!

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