6 Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing a Wedding Dress

The most difficult part of wedding planning for any bride-to-be is choosing her dress. Bride has an expectation level to be met, because she has been thinking about her big day and her dress for many years and she goes shopping with great expectations of finding the best dress. As my grandmother once said to me, “There is no such thing as a perfect wedding dress, just like there’s no such thing as a perfect husband.”

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1. Does it look good on you?

Perhaps the most important thing to know when choosing a dress for the wedding ceremony is that when you wear it, the lower and upper torso should look balanced. In case either bottom or top half look out of proportion, you must change the style of that part of the gown.

2. Does it make you feel good?

Bringing your sister or a dear friend along to help you decide is a good idea. However at the end, you’re the one that has to make the final choice, and wear it.

3. Is it suitable for the ceremony?

Is it a beach wedding or a traditional church ceremony? For example, if you have decided to have a beach wedding, please do stay away from heavy beading that usually weighs your wedding dress down. Choose airy & light materials like silk. Halter necklines lend a more casual, informal look too.

One other thing girls, so pay attention, because this is especially important! Despite of where the ceremony is taking place, on a white sandy beach or in a Plaza hotel, you have to look for a gown style which is most flattering for your body shape. When you have determined the style you like – A-line, sheath or ball gown, you can focus on the details.

4. Does it fit your budget?

Many of you have heard of the unwritten rule about how much a groom-to-be must spend on an engagement ring. However, what’s the rule on how much a bride-to-be should spend on her gown? Each time I watch wedding shows on TV, they throw out insane figures, somewhere around $4,500 and up! So, how much are women willing to spend these days on a gown?

Let’s focus now – the general rule of thumb says that no more than 5% of the entire budget should go toward the cost of the gown (that includes alterations too). In other words, someone getting a $4,500 dress might be spending over $95k to host a wedding ceremony (and reception). Is that a lot? Yes, that’s a lot! Having said that, the 5% rule is quite flexible, based on what else the happy couple plans. Perhaps a bride does not plan to have a veil – 1% percent of the budget. In case you want a good DJ – 4% – or an expensive wedding cake – 2.5% – you might spend a little less on the gown. Finally, it’s all about making your wedding budget work for you.

5. Does it feel ‘right’?

A bride knows! That magical moment when tears can no longer be held back, that is the moment when a bride knows she has chosen the right dress.

6. Finally, does it make your mom happy?

To summarize; a dress that looks great on you and one that makes you feel good, dress that is going to be suitable for the occasion, one that will fit your budget and that is going to make your mom happy is the best wedding dress!

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  1. Great advice! Another thing to keep in mind is that when you try on a dress, make sure to sit down in it for about three to five minutes. Some fabrics don’t move or stretch as easily and can eventually get uncomfortable.

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