Adorable Wedding Cake Toppers in the Form of an Alien

The Alien vs. Predator cake toppers are a great ice breaker. The biggest How To and DIY community – – account holder Kristylynn84 celebrated her wedding with the super-cute (or horrifying – depends how you look at them) “Alien is in Love with Predator” (this is not their real name – I just made that up) wedding cake toppers. However Kristylynn84 wasn’t able to use these funny toppers at her big day, yet she most probably scared the family members and friends when she swapped the standard wedding cake toppers for these little monsters. They were redesigned from found Cosbaby toys and were fitted with the cutest tuxedo and dresses to perfectly match the bride & groom on the wedding. And the best thing about them is that despite the fact that they have the alien teeth, it actually seems as if they’re laughing. These truly one-of-a-kind and unusual ‘monsters’ aren’t for any young couple planning to say their vows. However it’s definitely is an interesting and cool way to decorate a big white tasty cake.

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