Designer Wedding Invitation that Ties the Knot

A wedding is usually stressful especially if you plan something out of the ordinary. However graphic designer Cristina Moraleja found a way to invite your friends and family members while tying the knot over and over again. The project is aptly dubbed Lois + Cris. The one-of-a-kind invitation is carefully designed in order to bring to life the experience of wedding. It’s not only a play on words, but an interactive invite. The outside of invite beautifully explains what it actually means to tie the knot: “Loop that is fastened and locked so it is difficult to release, and the more its ends are pulled apart the more it ties together.” That is what happens once you open the invite – a loosened red knot becomes tighter as you continue opening it up all the way. Innovative, unique and out-of-the-box, the Cristina Moralena’s invite will bring that special flair to any wedding.

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