Hairstyles from the Red Carpet for Your Wedding Inspiration File

If your “to do” list has become an “I do” list this year, here are 6 hairstyle ideas from the Red Carpet.

Tousled Tresses

Say goodbye to simple, straight hair, because a full tousled mane is the look this season. This is not a style that works for every bride but it’s quite flattering.

Low Chignon

For those brides who think that they do not look good with waves, a bun at the back gives a fresh look to your overall look. It just screams “bridal,” so I am quite sure many of you engaged gals will be bookmarking this style as inspiration. And the rest will either find some other occasion it would work for or drool for a little bit.

Beachy Waves

Summer has a signature hairstyle! Tousled, beachy waves have a look that is totally in sync with summer’s laid-back vibe. On the other hand, despite its casual appearance, there is an art to creating this sexy hairstyle.

Bun Updos

Although I am not quite sure I understand what is actually going on in the back of Dianna Agron’s updo here, I definitely like it.

Super Slick

Super slick and worn down low, these summer hairstyles are the best solution for hair craziness. Simply choose your favorite part and add some gel that will keep each and every hair in place, even if it seems a little bit unpleasant at first. Also, you can do a simple bun in the back, or you could go for a ponytail or braid. Total control is what you are after, so make sure you do not let that ponytail get too loose, ya get me?

Close Cropped

If you don’t like looking too formal make sure you sport this easy to wear and cool close-cropped hair style to your wedding. If styled with passion this hairstyle looks absolutely adorable.

Which of these Red Carpet hairstyle ideas strikes your fancy?

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  1. The summer signature hairstyle is making me frown. I wish its already summer so that I can already have that hairstyle!

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