The Road to Good Bridal Health: Talk to Your Fiancé

Your stress levels may be rising since you feel that you are doing all the hard work and your fiancé is doing absolutely nothing, zilch, nada. Also, he may be feeling pretty ticked off as he feels excluded from the wedding planning. This misunderstanding as well as poor communication is the no1 source of tension in the lead up to a marriage. During all the many things that have to be done, make sure you find time to talk to your hubby-to-be about how you’re both feeling. Open communication can help avoid tension building up and boiling over into arguments over the smallest things.

Source: via Rebekah on Pinterest

If your wedding seems at risk of being hijacked by well-intentioned family members with “genius” ideas that conflict with your own, speak to your partner about how to act together. This is especially important if the pressure is coming from his side of the family. If you both agree on the main points for your big day, you can act together against the silly ideas of your relatives.